Harp (2021)

Performance, Spatial Installation

With the performance Harp, Ema wants to transfer the process of re-learning a skill into a gallery space and offer the viewer an insight into a process that is very intimate and at the same time something we all share. Each of us carries within ourselves a skill we once possessed, but over time we have moved away from and abandoned, forgotten it. The desire to retain this skill may still be present and becomes more pronounced from time to time; however, it often seems that re-learning it would take us too much time, which in our life we no longer have reserved for this activity.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unusual experience when many of us seem to have more free time on our hands, time that we can invest into re-learn an activity from our past. The author decided to undertake this process in a gallery space. During the performance, which lasted the entire duration of the exhibition, she resumed playing the harp, an activity she has not practiced for almost 7 years. When the author is not present at the exhibition her playing is substituted by 10-year-old sound recordings of her playing, which serve as an invisible testimony to her past skill. Visitors are able to keep track of her progress and how much effort it takes to re-learn something we once knew.

Ema Radovan (1996) graduated from Film and Television Editing at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana and is currently a master’s student in Film Creation: Editing. To her film editing is a medium that requires extreme patience and precision and is crucial for creating an audio-visual narrative. She sees that the power of film media is in drawing our attention to the beauty that is hidden in small things and is often overlooked in everyday life. As a film editor, she has access to raw film material in which she must recognize such moments and build a narrative from them. As an editor, she has participated in short feature and documentary films such as Empty Rooms (Prazne sobe, 2017), Iva 24 (2018), Borja and Dunja gresta v boj (2018) and Fracture (Prelom, 2020). Some of this films were among others also screened at the Slovenian Film Festival. As an editor, she is currently also involved in the Iza Štrumbelj Oblak’s project Looking for friends.