Queen of Mortadella (2020–2021)

Video Instalation, 9 Videos (together 34 sec)

The work Queen of Mortadella consists of nine short videos taken through the Zoom application during the collective quarantine in Slovenia. Selected footage shows Eva's friends, whom she invited to socialize via camera. During the conversations, she asked her friends to sing the ending of a well-known Slovene commercial for a type of salami mortadella. The footage in the installation is playing without a delineated pattern as they want to appear aggressive. The same goes for sound, which withs intensity and saturation forces the visitor to leave the room quickly.

In her work, Eva wants to show her complex attitude towards the neoliberal capitalistic system. The fact that the system has penetrated all the pores of her (our) life is frightening for her. The latter made her see that she had no choice but to cope with the situation in an absurd, humorous and self-ironic way. The author chose one of the Slovenian advertisements with the slogan "MIP, MIP, MIP, MIP, queen mortadella" as the starting point of her project. The issue of exit or hopelessness of the current socio-political system is indicated by the illogical distribution of green signals for emergency exit.

The selection of advertising is entirely random. Her work does not want to criticize the operation or marketing of the Slovenian company.

For participation in the realization of the exhibition I would like to thank: the “Duh časa” Society, the PiNA Society and Ljudmila Society.

Eva Žibert (1997) is completing her undergraduate studies in art history and comparative literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She is currently writing a diploma thesis on the curatorial practices of Gregor Podnar at the Škuc Gallery and is enrolling for a master's degree in contemporary art and curation abroad. With January 2021 she enrolled The World of Art, School for Curatorial Practices and Critical Writing produced by SCCA. She is going on Erasmus+ practical training in Berlin in the summer of 2021. In March 2020, her independent scientific article on the dating of the Venetian House in Piran was published in the journal Klio, and in February 2021 she will publish another on the entry of the Sečovlje salt pans in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In November 2020, she completed an informal training for project manager at the Pina and Mladi plus associations.