The group exhibition Leave Group? is a specialization of the research of the first generation of Academia Nuts, a broadly set contemporary art education programme. The exhibition presents the artistic practice and social considerations of a collective of eight young authors: Lina Akif, Hannah Koselj Marušič, Lucija Ostan Vejrup, Ema Radovan, Lara Papov, Iza Štrumbelj Oblak, Lea Topolovec and Eva Žibert.

Eight students of different academies and faculties use eight projects and two project spaces to form a spatial installation, showcasing their collective and personal exploration of art and theory. Using numerous techniques and approaches while researching various problems - from personal identity, homeland, history, corona present and future, to the question of materiality, reality and perception of space - the authors question the sole essence of modes of creation and processes of (artistic) production.

While the introduced presentation might resemble a final exhibition of some academic year, it is everything but. The authors, coming from different fields and backgrounds, have tried themselves out in numerous, even opposite roles, while the exhibition Leave Group?, already in its title, announces a crossroads; a stopped moment in space-time of a (collective) thought process, that can be an ending, a new beginning or preservation of status quo - the materialisation of the transience and the volatility of the collectivism of the present.

The exhibition is set in two project spaces led by the programme's mentors: in the famous brutalist gas station designed by Milan Mihelič housing the Fotopub Project Space; and the bright ULAY Foundation Project Space recently renovated by Mertelj-Vrabič Architects. Next to the project's physical presence, we are also planning an online performance and a closing event with a public announcement of the new generation of Academia Nuts #2.